October is a great month to think about doing something special for ourselves – especially before the chaos of the holidays begins.  As women, we typically focus on what we can do for our family, friends or in our jobs. Don’t forget to add yourself to that list!   

All women should take the time for a mammogram according to their doctor’s recommendations. PinnacleHealth recommends screening exams should start at the age of 40, but it is important to have this discussion with your primary care provider when you should start having regular screenings. Your provider may recommend you to start having regular screenings sooner based on your family’s health history. It only takes a few minutes to schedule a mammogram! For some women, a few minutes could mean many more healthy years ahead. Simply call (717) 230-3700 or click here to request your mammogram appointment today! 

Mammogram Blog 2016

The statistics in acquiring breast cancer may be alarming—women have a 1 in 8 risk in getting the diagnosis. However, the statistics of beating the disease are good if caught in the early stages. Thanks to advanced imaging techniques, such as 3D mammography (also called “tomosynthesis”), we are catching breast cancer even earlier. Currently, our physicians are experiencing increases in breast cancer detection of 34% and reduced patient call back rates of 32% using 3D mammography. Tomosynthesis is also useful for women who have dense breasts, which may make a lump harder to see. PinnacleHealth offers 3D mammography at six locations throughout Cumberland and Dauphin counties. Click here for more info.

Think about how taking care of your health is a gift to those who need and love you. Putting your well-being at the top of your to-do list is not selfish – it’s imperative. 

Almost all insurances cover annual mammograms. If you don’t have insurance or cannot afford a mammogram, we can help. Check out the PinnacleHealth Mammogram Voucher Program.  You may be eligible for a free mammogram if you live in Cumberland, Dauphin or Perry County.Call (717) 231-8900 and speak with one of our experienced counselors to find out if you qualify.

For more information on breast cancer services at PinnacleHealth click here.