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Doing Business With Us

Doing Business With Us

Doing Business With Us

Welcome to PinnacleHealth’s online Vendor Certification Program. Completion of this program is required in order for your company to do business with PinnacleHealth.

PinnacleHealth Vendor Certification Program


To access our facilities and be eligible for business with PinnacleHealth System, you must register in our vendor credentialing and compliance monitoring system: Vendormate.

Your registration fee pays for Vendormate to collect, verify, and monitor your credentials for one full year.Only one annual fee per company will be charged.

Every representative from your company who interacts with PinnacleHealth System is required to create a profile.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this critical initiative as we manage ever increasing regulations, mandates, and oversight.

  • Go to to register your company and create a representative profile.
  • All vendors are required to register, and complete online Training/Policy Compliance Modules in order to do business with PinnacleHealth System.
  • Vendors are required to complete annual compliance training; this can be completed on the Vendormate website when you register.
  • Always sign in and out when you visit any Pinnacle Health System facility.
  • If you have technical questions, go to and select the Support Center link at the bottom of the page.
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