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Patient Story

Ronald Price

Ronald's MitraClip Story

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Ron struggled with just getting to the mailbox each day. Due to declining energy levels, he would come down the stairs in the morning and not go back up until bedtime. Ron’s cardiologist referred to him to a specialist for his mitral valve problem. This specialist at another hospital told Ron that he was not a candidate for MitraClip®, a minimally invasive mitral heart valve repair procedure. A short time later, his wife noticed an ad on Facebook for a seminar nearby with two heart doctors from PinnacleHealth who specialized in MitraClip. They decided to attend and get a second opinion on his heart condition, and that’s when Ron says new hope began. After his MitraClip procedure at PinnacleHealth, Ron now has his energy back and he is going up and down the stairs many times throughout the day.

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