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Donor Story

Beth's Living Donor Story

Beth Lauer, 54 | Reading, PA / Recipient

I always thought I had energy, then I had a kidney and pancreas transplant when I was 42, and it was like WOW! This is what energy is! Suddenly I had this new life.

After having diabetes for 30 years, it took some getting used to. In the hospital they brought me French toast with syrup, and I said “I can’t have this,” but I could. I am still very careful, but it’s nice having a little chocolate now and then. Not carrying around insulin, which has to be refrigerated, is also great, especially when I’m on the golf course, which is something I love to do now. 

I started dialysis when I was 39, and that was the worst. It made me so tired, but I kept working my two jobs as a cook and a waitress. Fortunately my employers were very understanding.

My kidney doctor recommended Dr. Yang, and he is the best doctor I’ve ever had. The whole transplant team at PinnacleHealth is fantastic and after 12 years, they are still on top of everything and get back to me quickly to answer any questions.

I’m so thankful for this second chance, and I’ve shared that with my donor’s family through letters. I’m sure it’s as hard for them as it is wonderful for me. I tell people I meet my story to encourage more people to be organ donors. I’m even an organ donor, and I hope someday I’ll be able to help somebody just as someone so generously helped me.


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