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Donor Story

Lap's Living Donor Story

Lap Nguyen, 65 | York, PA / Recipient

I have been fortunate to receive three kidney transplants. I was first diagnosed with kidney disease in the early 1990s when my four sons were still in high school and college. Just a month after my first transplant in 1992, my kidney failed, and I needed to start dialysis. In 1996 I received my second kidney transplant which allowed me to get back to work. Things went well for seven years until it failed in 2003. I had to go back to having dialysis, and I took early retirement. 

I was tired all of the time, my diet was very limited and what I could eat was very bland. Enjoyable things that many people take for granted like having a big glass of milk or drinking water were not possible for me. 

Because I had built up so many antibodies, doctors knew it would be difficult to find a kidney donor for me. My children, cousins, brother and sister-in-law all tried, but they weren’t compatible. I am very proud that they are all listed as organ donors on their driver’s licenses.

Finally, after 13 years on the transplant list, I received a kidney in January 2016. At the time my youngest grandson was just four months old. Now I am so happy that I can hold him and have the energy to play with him.

The PinnacleHealth team was wonderful. Dr. Yang takes his time to get to know every patient. I am thankful to the donors, too. Because of them, I can enjoy all the little things in life including good food and my family.


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