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Donor Story

Adam's Living Donor Story

Adam Wertz, 29 | Dallastown, PA / Recipient

I was born with one kidney that was functioning at just 85 percent. Being a high school athlete took its toll, and when I was 19, I got really sick. My creatinine levels were so high they put in an emergency port and started dialysis. 

I transferred my care to PinnacleHealth to be with Dr. Yang. We connected, and he was really on top of things. He was right there when I was 22, and had some major health events including open heart surgery. 

Tyson came into my life shortly after that. I was getting depressed with my routine of dialysis and sleeping. He was seven weeks old, and he gave me a reason to get out of bed each day, and I got back to working and playing some basketball.

I’ve gotten calls about possible transplants, so when this one came on New Year’s day 2016, I didn’t get too worked up. The transplant team was wonderful, and as the testing pointed to a match we all got super excited. It was pretty cool to see my kidney just before the procedure.

Recovery took some time due to rejection issues, and they had to remove my native kidney. Now everything is working out, and I literally have more energy than a five year old.

I’m so thankful for this life-changing chance. I’ve been able to travel, start a new job, play more basketball and get back into other sports. If things continue to go well, I’m hoping to transfer down south and look forward to starting a whole new life there.


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