Your Care Team

Your Care Team

Our experienced team of professionals works hard to provide you with high-quality and compassionate patient care.

Our physicians, nurses, medical residents, dietitians, volunteers, social work representatives, therapists, lab and X-ray technicians and housekeeping staff, among others—work together to care for you while you are here.

Identifying Your Caregiver

All PinnacleHealth personnel can be identified by the badges they wear. Your patient care team may also be distinguished by the color of the scrubs they wear:

  • Maroon: Registered Nurse.
  • Beige: Patient Care Assistant.
  • Blue: Respiratory Therapy.
  • Black: Imaging.
  • Red: Patient Transport.
  • White: Physician.

Hospitalist Program

To provide you with the best possible care, the PinnacleHealth team includes hospitalists, physicians who specialize in patient care in a hospital setting.

Learn more about our Hospitalist program.


The whiteboard in your room is an important tool for keeping you up-to-date about your healthcare. Your whiteboard gives nurses and physicians a convenient place to write:

  • The name(s) of the staff caring for you
  • Your patient goals
  • Your care plan for each day
  • Scheduled tests
  • Other important notes such as language preferences

Ask Us

If you have a question about any of your caregivers ask your nurse or physician.

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