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Tobacco-Free Policy

Tobacco-Free Policy

Tobacco-Free Policy

PinnacleHealth is committed to the promotion of quality healthcare, which includes the prevention of disease. To establish and maintain the safest possible environment for your care, PinnacleHealth campus buildings, property, parking lots and operated vehicles are tobacco-free.

This policy applies to all tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, herbal tobacco products and chewing tobacco, and pertains to all colleagues, patients, medical staff, students, contracted personnel, volunteers, visitors, vendors and tenants of PinnacleHealth.

This decision is intended to:

  • Minimize adverse health effects to patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers and employees
  • Reduce risk and fire for all the above
  • Promote health and serve as a community role model
  • Enhance employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs

If you have questions about smoking cessation, please ask your nurse and a referral can be made within the system or community.

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