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Stay Involved in Your Care

Stay Involved in Your Care

Stay Involved in Your Care

Patients have more choices, rights and responsibilities than ever. You have the freedom to choose your hospital or doctor and play an active role in decisions for your care. If you educate yourself, you will be able to make the best decision about treatment for your specific condition.

  1. Be an active member of your healthcare team.
  2. Tell your physician or healthcare provider everything you are taking, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements (including vitamins and herbal remedies).
  3. Tell your physician or healthcare provider any allergic or unfavorable reactions you have had to medications (explain your symptoms).
  4. Carry a list of all medications you take. Include medication name, dose, times taken and the purpose of the medication.
  5. It is very important to only take the medication the nurse gives you. Taking any medication that the staff does not know about can be very dangerous to your health.
  6. ALWAYS…question if you are unfamiliar with the medication or treatment given to you. What is the medication for? How should I take it? What are the major side effects?
  7. Never drink alcohol while taking medications unless your physician or healthcare provider says it is okay.
  8. When a new medication is prescribed, know the facts: what the medication is, how long to take it, how to take it and side effects and interactions if any.
  9. Get written information about side affects. Beware of food and drug interactions.
  10. ALWAYS ask if you have questions. Learn all you can about your condition and medications.


Your medical information is kept in your chart. All medical information we receive about you from your referring physician, the information we collect about you while you are in our care, and all information about your condition and treatment is kept strictly confidential. Hospital medical records may be inspected only by written authorization of the patient, a guardian, a legal representative or as directed by law or court process.

Ask Us!

If you have a question about any of your caregivers ask your nurse or physician.

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