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Patient Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical Home

The PinnacleHealth Medical Group is committed to providing the best possible primary care services to our patients, using a patient centered team approach. That is why many of our practices are embracing the patient-centered medical home approach to patient care.

What is a medical home?

A patient-centered medical home practice is based on a team approach to medical care. Your medical home team includes your doctor or other primary care practitioner (such as a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant), and may also include a nurse, support staff and other health care professionals like a physical therapist or social worker. Your team may also include your family, caregivers and your support system. Most importantly, your healthcare team includes you, as an active participant in your own healthcare.

How does a medical home work?

A medical home is a doctor's office or clinic where a team of healthcare professionals work together with their patients to provide expanded, coordinated and comprehensive primary care services.

In a medical home, you will receive the majority your care within your primary care practice. Your team members work closely with each other and with you, respecting your wishes, understanding your needs and goals, and helping you get the treatment and services you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Their goal is to provide you with comprehensive preventive care, manage any chronic conditions you may have, and coordinate your medical treatment if you get sick.

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Through Your Medical Home, Your Care Team:

  • Is available to you 24/7 if you need them. You can communicate with your care team even after hours, so you receive the appropriate care at the right time. Our offices also offer acute walk-in care without an appointment.
  • Knows you and your health history. Secure, electronic health records allow your team to review your health history and to make suggestions that are right for you.
  • Helps you coordinate your healthcare. Your team will help you find specialists, get appointments, and make sure your specialists have all the information they need to achieve the best outcomes possible. Your medical home team can help you communicate with your specialist to ensure your complete understanding.
  • Makes you a partner in your healthcare. They will get to know you, your family, your life situation and your preferences. They will educate you regarding your health status, prevention and treatment options and how you can to manage and improve your health.
  • Communicates with you. Your healthcare team will give you time to ask questions, and answer them in a way you understand. They will make sure you are aware of and understand all your options for care and ask you for feedback.
  • Supports you in caring for yourself. You will receive information about classes, support groups or other resources to help you learn more about your condition and stay healthy.

You Can Become A Partner In Your Care By:

  • Understanding that you are a full partner in your own care
  • Learning about your condition(s) and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible
  • As best you can, following the plan that you and your medical home team have agreed upon. If you have questions, ask!

Communicating With Your Care Team

  • Bring a list of any medicines, vitamins or remedies you use to your appointments.
  • Bring a list of questions to each of your appointments.
  • Tell your medical home team when you don't understand something. Work with them to make sure you understand your condition(s) and care instructions.
  • Tell your medical home team if you get care from other health professionals so they can work together to coordinate the best outcome or plan.
  • Talk openly with your care team about your care experience.

Need help finding a doctor?

Call PHoneLine at (717) 231-8900 or email and let one of our friendly customer service reps help you find a doctor close to you.

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