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Nurse-Family Partnership® Program

Nurse-Family Partnership® Program

Nurse-Family Partnership® Program

PinnacleHealth’s Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) provides critical medical and social support to low-income, first-time mothers during their pregnancies and the first years of their child’s life. If you participate in the NFP, you will receive support, education and counseling on health, behavioral and self-sufficiency issues during home visits by qualified PinnacleHealth nurses.

The NFP is available to families in Franklin, Lebanon and Dauphin counties. As part of the program, you will receive regular home visits from a PinnacleHealth nurse beginning early in your pregnancy and continuing through your child’s second birthday.

The program offers a number of benefits, including

  • Increasing the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby
  • Building a strong network of support for you and your baby
  • Making your home a safe place for your baby
  • Helping you set goals for your future
  • Connecting you with support services, such as healthcare, child care and job training
  • Helping you develop job skills by exploring opportunities for continued education

Mothers and children who have participated in the NFP have consistently demonstrated significant improvements in prenatal health, improved family planning, increased employment, and reduced incidences of child abuse and neglect.

Nurse Family Partnership

Success Stories

"D" enrolled in the NFP when she was 23 years old and 27 weeks pregnant. She naturally delivered her 10-pound baby boy at 40 weeks gestation. Her son continues to exclusively receive breast milk at five months of age. She is currently working two jobs to support her family.

“I don’t know what I would have done without this program. I am so confident now.”

"J" enrolled in the NFP when she was 20 years old and 14 weeks pregnant. While pregnant, she applied for and accepted a job at Hersheypark and worked through the summer season. Motivated by her daughter, J re-enrolled in high school to finish her senior year. She began classes in October and plans to graduate in May. J has made it to 39 weeks of pregnancy, and she and her boyfriend are eager to meet their daughter. At our most recent visit she shared, “I don’t know what I would have done without this program. I am so confident now.”

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