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Lactation Consultants

Lactation Consultants

Lactation Consultants

A lactation consultant is both a teacher and counselor who helps you understand the basics of lactation and supports your efforts to learn how to feed your baby. Lactation consultants also teach classes and offer one-on-one support.

PinnacleHealth’s highly trained, professional lactation consultants are committed to helping you and your baby initiate and maintain breastfeeding.

Our lactation consultants will provide expert assistance to help you and your baby when:

  • You are attempting to breastfeed after a difficult previous breastfeeding experience
  • You need hands-on help with early attempts at latching and positioning
  • You are experiencing sore nipples, yeast infections of the nipple and other nipple traumas
  • You are dealing with plugged ducts, breast infections or breast pain
  • Your baby won’t latch on or is having trouble feeding
  • You have concerns about your milk supply
  • You are concerned that you baby is not getting enough milk or gaining weight
  • You are nursing multiples
  • You need advice on choosing a breast pump, pumping or storing your milk safely
  • You are transitioning back to work and are still breastfeeding
  • You are considering introducing solids to your baby and want to continue nursing

Contact Us

If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulty or need encouragement and reassurance, our lactation consultants are ready and able to provide the resources you need to have a happy, healthy nursing experience. Call us at (717) 782-5372 with any questions you may have.

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