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Visiting the Maternity Unit

Visiting the Maternity Unit

Visiting the Maternity Unit

At PinnacleHealth, our priority is the safety and health of our patients. Our visitor policies and procedures allow you to celebrate the birth of your baby with your loved ones while remaining safe and secure—and getting the rest that you and your baby need. All visitor information on this page pertains to Labor and Delivery patients. All patients who are in active labor or who have just given birth are located at PinnacleHealth's Harrisburg Hospital.

Antepartum Unit

Visiting hours in the antepartum unit are flexible as determined by individual patient needs.

Labor And Delivery Unit

Before you arrive at the hospital, it is important that you choose people to provide support for you during labor and delivery. Because of the size of our birthing rooms, no more than three support people are permitted in your room. If you have a cesarean birth, one support person can be with you pending approval by your anesthesiologist. Your support people can keep other family members and friends informed of your progress and share the news when your baby is born.

Postpartum Unit

General Visiting Hours In The Postpartum Unit

9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Note: One adult support person is permitted to stay with you after visiting hours. Your support person will receive a special arm band. Siblings may visit during general visiting hours. Other children younger than 12 years old are not permitted to visit.

Quiet Time

1-3 p.m.

Because you need extra rest and time to bond with your new baby, the postpartum unit at PinnacleHealth observes quiet time from 1 - 3 p.m. Visitors are not restricted during quiet time, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this time to snuggle with your baby.

Note: Visitors should wash their hands before touching your baby. Anyone who has cold or flu symptoms should not visit the hospital.

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