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Why choose PinnacleHealth Imaging?

Why choose PinnacleHealth Imaging?

Why choose PinnacleHealth Imaging?

At PinnacleHealth Imaging, our highly trained, caring professionals use the most up-to-date technology to get a good look inside your body and deliver timely, precise diagnoses. We provide the region’s most comprehensive imaging services at 16 locations throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Digital Imaging

PinnacleHealth Imaging uses the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to manage, store and deliver images so your medical team can access them quickly and electronically—anytime, anywhere.

Coordinated Care

In addition to providing accurate, high-quality images, the PinnacleHealth Imaging staff works closely with your medical team to reduce the time it takes for you to receive a diagnosis.


When you choose PinnacleHealth Imaging, you will have access to the latest, safest imaging technology—including low-dose CT scanners that significantly reduce your exposure to radiation.

Centralized Scheduling

We know your time is valuable. Our centralized scheduling gives you and your physician the fastest access to imaging services at the most convenient location for you.

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