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Vascular Services

Vascular Services

Vascular Services

Our vascular specialists have expertise in medical, interventional, and surgical therapies for treating all types of vascular disease.

We use a minimally invasive approach to vascular interventions. We participate in numerous FDA clinical trials to further advance the technology vascular disease treatment. The improvement in patient outcomes includes a quicker recovery, reduced blood loss, less pain, and the ability to perform these procedures under local and regional anesthesia.

Vascular ImageOur Specialties

Carotid Artery Disease. Our surgeons have performed more than 1,000 revascularization procedures. Our outcomes are excellent, with exceptionally low rates of stroke and death. PinnacleHealth is the only area hospital that can offer carotid artery stenting to all patients with carotid artery stenosis regardless of surgical risk.

Lower Extremity Disease (Claudication/Ischemic Ulcers). Our vascular group has performed over 3,000 vascular interventions for lower extremity disease. Therapies include treating patients with non-healing ulcers using laser atherectomy, which heals wounds while avoiding surgery.

Renal Artery Stenosis. We have been treating renal artery stenosis for more than 15 years, participating in advanced clinical trials and offering the latest renal artery revascularization options for patients.

Aortic Disease. We are expert at treating patients with complex thoracic and abdominal aneurysms. We offer stent graft repair of abdominal aortic and thoracic aortic aneurysms, utilizing the latest generations of stent grafts, such as the Endurant stent graft.

Advanced Diagnostics and Interventional Procedures. Each year, our specialists perform more than 1,000 peripheral vascular interventional and diagnostic procedures. Through our fully accredited vascular laboratory, we offer regular screening programs and a full array of non-invasive venous and arterial testing.

Concerned about your risk?

Check out our vascular screening program, with screenings performed by our specially trained technicians in our fully accredited vascular laboratory. Results are finalized by our board certified physicians.

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