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Valve Clinic

Valve Clinic

Valve Clinic

The Valve Clinic at the PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular Institute (PHCVI) offers expert care for patients with heart valve conditions. With access to the most advanced treatments and clinical trials, we provide patients with state-of-the-art options for repair and replacement.

Over the last five years, our cardiovascular physicians have completed more than 1,000 aortic and mitral valve procedures. At PinnacleHealth, we are committed to valve preservation (repair) for aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonic valve. Should the valve require surgical replacement, we use tissue or mechanical valves after taking the patient’s concerns into consideration.

Coordinated Care For Patients With Valve Disease

The PHCVI Valve Clinic simplifies care by offering patients a single point of contact and coordinating procedures so patients can undergo tests, have screenings and attend specialist appointments at one time. Our Valve Clinic also offers access to physicians who are experts in the most advanced procedures for heart valve replacement and heart valve repair surgery.

Procedures Include:

In addition to services offered at the Valve Clinic, the talented team of professionals at PHCVI offers a full range of cardiovascular treatments, including balloon angioplasty, peripheral stenting, percutaneous atherectomy and renal stenting.

Clinical Trials

The surgical team at PinnacleHealth participates in numerous advanced clinical trials. PinnacleHealth is the only institution in Central Pennsylvania that is part of both percutaneous aortic and mitral valve trials. Once approved, these technologies may provide a less-invasive alternative to open heart surgery for valve diseases.


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