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Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

PinnacleHealth’s cardiovascular surgery program has been recognized at both the state and national levels for providing the highest caliber of cardiovascular care.

The PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery team perform more than 1,000 cardiac and thoracic surgical procedures each year, including more than 600 heart bypass surgeries.

Our surgeons offer the best possible outcomes for the most challenging surgical cases and provide the complete spectrum of cardiovascular surgical care, including minimally invasive options and advanced hybrid surgeries which do not require the chest to be cracked.Together with our interventional cardiologists, our cardiovascular surgeons offer dually-performed procedures, such as robotic CABG followed by stenting, in our hybrid operating room and participate in percutaneous heart valve therapy (TAVR) cases.

Experience Counts

At the national level, PinnacleHealth has also consistently received the highest rating for cardiovascular surgery. This accolade is the coveted 3-Star overall highest quality designation for heart bypass (CABG) surgery, aortic valve replacement (AVR) surgery and combined CABG/AVR outcomes from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons for the period ending December 2015. Mubashir Mumtaz, MD, our chief of cardiothoracic surgery, is in the top 5 percent in the state of all surgeons’ volumes. He is also the only surgeon in Pennsylvania to achieve a combined inpatient and 30-day mortality rated as “better than expected” for total valve surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

At PinnacleHealth CardioVascular Institute, we are the regional expert in minimally invasive heart surgery. With extensive experience in surgeries including TAVR and MitraClip, as well as industry-leading clinical trials, our team is ready to help you reclaim a healthy and productive life.

Opting for minimally invasive surgery can provide various benefits, including less blood loss and minimize scarring due to the smaller incision. In instances where open heart surgery would be the alternative, minimally invasive heart procedures can also for successful surgery without cracking the chest. These benefits can also lead to a shorter hospital stay, getting you back to your life quicker than traditional procedures.

Additionally, if your current age or health condition prohibited you from a traditional procedure, a minimally invasive cardiac procedure may still be possible, allowing you to improve your health with reduced surgical risks.

Use the links below to learn about our minimally invasive cardiac surgery options:

Coronary Procedures

Vascular procedures


Support And Education For Our Patients

At PinnacleHealth Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, support and education are key components to a successful experience with heart surgery. We’ve developed a very active support group where patients can share ideas, thoughts, and concerns with people who understand.

Our Powerful Hearts Support Group sessions include presentations by physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, exercise experts and more. There is always something new to learn, discuss, and share.

This is a free service, and we encourage friends and families to attend as well. Light refreshments will be served. Visit our classes and events section for upcoming meeting dates, or see below.

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