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Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers

The PinnacleHealth Community Health Center provide a wide array of medical services for more than 50,000 individuals and families in Harrisburg and the surrounding communities.

Committed to creating a healthier community, the center provides:

  • Treatment of acute and chronic health conditions
  • Health information
  • Healthcare screenings
  • Preventive education programs

Our programs are specially tailored to address the needs of Central Pennsylvania’s at-risk, low-income and under-served families.

Outpatient Care For Infants, Children And Adults

Conveniently located at the corner of Third and Wiconisco streets in uptown Harrisburg, our state-of-the-art Community Health Center offers professional outpatient areas where children and teens, adults, and women can receive specialized medical care regardless of their ability to pay. Our specialized practice areas include:

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