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Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

At PinnacleHealth, we believe part of our mission is to train and educate superior clinical physicians. Our Graduate Medical Education (GME) residency and fellowship programs provide top-notch learning experiences from the region’s most knowledgeable, respected healthcare providers.

Our Goals

Our residents and fellows enhance the quality of patient care as they work in an environment that stimulates clinical critical thinking and improved clinical practice. Using PinnacleHealth’s extensive resources, a variety of educational settings and a range of instructional modes, our GME programs provide:

  • Opportunities for you to focus your attention on developing intellectual, emotional and social qualities indispensable in the practice of medicine
  • Opportunities for you to actively participate in your learning so you can achieve your goals
  • Educational programs that challenge you and help you reach your maximum potential

Why PinnacleHealth?

PinnacleHealth is committed to its teaching programs and the future of medicine. Our GME programs are designed to help you grow and evolve as a practitioner and explore a variety of specialties that will shape your medical career.

Additionally, our GME programs offer an opportunity to extend your medical education beyond the classroom. You will learn how to interact with patients and colleagues, balancing your technical skills with a human touch.

Our dedicated GME office is responsible for administrative oversight and academic quality for all of our residency and fellowship programs. The GME office works with program directors and coordinators to ensure compliance with policies, rules and regulations of all accrediting organizations.

For additional information on our GME programs, contact:

Harrisburg Campus
Brady Building
GME Office—Brady 9
205 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Community Campus
Community General Hospital
Hospital Administrative Offices, First Floor
4300 Londonderry Road
Harrisburg, PA 17109

John Goldman, MD
Designated Institutional Official
(717) 231-8724

Esther Thoman
Manager, Physician Education & Training
(717) 231-8332

Janice Patton
Education Project Specialist
(717) 231-8596

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