HARRISBURG, PA -- PinnacleHealth’s Research Education and Comprehensive Care for HIV (REACCH) Program focuses on treatment and prevention of the spread of HIV for women and children, including the prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to newborns. Since the program began in 1998, there have been zero vertical transmissions of the HIV virus.

REACCH is funded by the Ryan White Part B- and C- funded program and has been in existence for nearly 14 years. Through REACCH, care is coordinated by a registered nurse and includes diagnostic, therapeutic and supportive services such as education about HIV disease and transmission, as well as treatment recommendations and how to access them.

“The REACCH program is a vital service to some of our most vulnerable populations. The cost savings in medication alone for preventing the transmission of HIV to an infant is significant at approximately $5,000/month over a lifetime,” explains Barbara Terry, vice president for Mission Effectiveness at PinnacleHealth. “Our commitment to improve health and quality of life for all is met as REACCH provides accessible care and compassionate experiences to nearly 500 clients and families each year.”

“This program is just one example of PinnacleHealth's vision for healthcare in our community. We are focused on improving access to care and enhancing the integration and coordination of care for our patients,” said Michael A. Young, president and CEO of PinnacleHealth System. “REACCH reflects our commitment to population health, chronic disease management, and disease prevention.”

The Greater Harrisburg area is the second highest in the state for HIV cases, just behind Philadelphia and above Pittsburgh. In 2011, 494 patients were served through this program.