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Media Information

Media Information

Media Information

It is the policy of PinnacleHealth System to cooperate with the news media to the fullest extent possible, while at the same time protecting our patients’ right to privacy. It is the responsibility of PinnacleHealth to ensure that any information that is released is done in a timely, appropriate and accurate fashion.

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Interview And Photo Requests

Our physicians, nurses and other medical professionals can provide expert information on any healthcare topic. Please call us to arrange interviews or request photography or video shoots. Advance arrangements help you use your time more efficiently, and allow us to coordinate efforts and comply with the confidentiality policies in place throughout our healthcare system.

All media/public requests for information and interviews must be sent to (and approved by) PinnacleHealth Public Relations.

Please direct all media inquiries to:

Kelly McCall
Public Relations Manager
PinnacleHealth System
(717) 231-8104– Office
(717) 576-2520- Mobile

Media Escorts

All media representatives must be escorted by a representative of the PinnacleHealth Marketing and Public Relations Department or their designee, a security officer or the nursing administrator, while on the property of any PinnacleHealth facility. This is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients.

Live Shots

Television crews shooting Live stand-ups outside the hospitals must park on and shoot from public property. In most cases, the television truck must park on the street, and the reporter must stand on the sidewalk. Please do not block access to Emergency Department entrances, or park in areas designated for ambulances or our caregivers.

If you would like a more specific Live shot on private hospital property, please call the Public Relations Coordinator for approval and assistance.

Patient Information Guidelines

We have changed our policy regarding the release of patients’ status. To more closely protect the privacy of patients and their families, we will no longer disclose a patient’s status or condition to the media. While HIPAA permits us to do so, PinnacleHealth is strengthening its policies to safeguard patient privacy, as well as personal and health information.

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