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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

PinnacleHealth is a nonprofit, charitable organization committed to providing the best healthcare possible. We live our mission, vision and values every day.

Our Mission

PinnacleHealth is a charitable organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and quality of life for all the people of Central Pennsylvania.

Our Vision

PinnacleHealth will be the most caring, innovative, disciplined and trusted health system in Central Pennsylvania.

Our Values

  • Concern for the total well-being of people in our community and our PinnacleHealth family
  • Professionalism in dealing with our customers and each other
  • Respect for individual dignity and for the needs, talents and differences of others
  • Charity toward others and from others
  • Collaboration with and through our employees, affiliated physicians, and other health providers and organizations
  • Satisfaction for those who entrust us with their care and for ourselves in fulfilling our mission
  • Accountability for the quality of care and the appropriate use of community resources
  • Safety in each act of care for our patients, our staff and our community and the design of the environment in which we work.
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