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Mission Effectiveness

Mission Effectiveness

Mission Effectiveness

Mission effectiveness defines how well we execute PinnacleHealth’s mission, and the measurable results and impact of our mission on the community.

PinnacleHealth’s mission is “to maintain and improve the health and quality of life for all the people of central Pennsylvania.” 

This mission acts as our impetus for a system and community–wide approach to:

  • Improving mission effectiveness and sustainability
  • Promoting community health
  • Mobilizing strategic community partners to collaborate in addressing community needs and health priorities.

PinnacleHealth’s mission serves to inspire the organization, delineate its purpose and scope, define its character and uniqueness, and articulate its values. A dramatic linkage between mission, corporate citizenship, strategic plans and day-to-day operations must be visible and demonstrable.

to maintain and improve the health and quality of life for all the people of central Pennsylvania 

Objectives Of Mission Effectiveness:

  • Encourage executive and board involvement with promotion of PinnacleHealth’s mission and accountability for community health.
  • Ensure that all business and clinical programs and services delivered by PinnacleHealth are consistent with the PinnacleHealth mission, accessible to everyone and aligned with its strategic plan and community benefit programs.
  • Reinforce a culture of “corporate citizenship” within PinnacleHealth to drive community awareness and education.
  • Advance strategic alliances, collaboration and resource-alignment with other not-for-profit organizations throughout the community and region.

For more information, please contact Tina Nixon at or (717) 231-8216.

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