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ENT Head & Neck Surgery of Lancaster

Welcome to ENT Head and Neck Surgery of Lancaster 

ENT Head & Neck Surgery of Lancaster provides comprehensive ear, nose, and throat care: from routine tonsillectomies to advanced care for cancers of the head and neck, from speech language pathology and audiology to plastic surgery. 

Francis Ruggiero, M.D. is a board certified and fellowship-trained otolaryngologist. Dr. Ruggiero specializes in the treatment of the ear, nose and throat. His expertise includes the evaluation, treatment, and surgery of general ear, nose and throat problems. He also has advanced training and special interest in more complex problems, including the surgical removal of cancer of the head and neck.

Richard Pollock, M.D. is a board certified otolaryngologist and fellowship trained in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery and endoscopic nasal and paranasal sinus surgery. Dr. Pollock focuses on cosmetic and restorative eyelid surgery, septorhinoplasty, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, and the use of local flaps after topical facial cancer has been removed. He also engages the broad scope of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery to meet community needs.



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