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Audiology Center

Hearing loss can lead to difficulties in relationships and on the job. With poor hearing you can miss important information and make costly and dangerous mistakes. You can’t enjoy music or hear sounds of nature, and hearing loss can even lead to depression and isolation as you feel less and less connected to the world around you. PinnacleHealth's Audiology Center can help give you the hearing back that you've lost. 

PinnacleHealth's Audiology Center offers services including:
  • Hearing evaluation for patients of all ages
  • Hearing aid selection and management for all ages
  • Auditory Processing Evaluation
  • Balance function testing
  • Hearing assistive technology (HAT)
  • Coordination of sign language interpreting services for hospital inpatients.
  • Tinnitus Management
Audiology services have been available for over 40 years at Polyclinic campus. Our caring staff at the Polyclinic campus includes Jacqueline R. Price, Au.D., Lori Leiman, Au.D. and Joseph Marinak, Au.D. all licensed Doctors of Audiology with more than 60 years of combined experience.
The Hearing Center also provides evaluations and treatment for infants that are referred from the UNHS (universal Newborn Hearing Screening) Program.  Preschoolers, adolescents, young adults and all age groups are welcome.  We offer the latest in testing and treatment for the hearing impaired patient.
Childhood hearing loss is being addressed more aggressively than ever as a result of the national universal newborn hearing screening program (UNHS). Even a mild hearing loss can seriously impact a child’s ability to communicate and learn. Infants may begin to use hearing aids as early as two to four months of age, and the vast majority of hospitals, including PinnacleHealth routinely screen newborn hearing. 
When it comes to adults, it’s up to you to be watchful for signs of hearing loss which can occur quite gradually. Signs to watch for include:
  • Asking people to repeat things
  • Difficulty carrying on a conversation in a crowded space
  • Keeping the television at high volume
  • Tinnitus  (subjective ringing in the ear)
For more information call (717) 782-6450.

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