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Journey To Excellence

Journey To Excellence

Journey To Excellence

Our Journey to Excellence program fosters passion for providing our patients with the best possible care through commitments to 6 strategic pillars.

Pillar 1: People

  • Implement our physician recruitment plan
  • Make our health system easier to access and navigate
  • Improve electronic connectivity with physicians and practices
  • Ensure a strong and effective management team
  • Ensure an engaged workforce
  • Ensure the supply of talent meets organizational requirements

Pillar 2: Service

  • Enhance the patient experience through service excellence

Pillar 3: Quality

  • Provide a safe environment and eliminate hospital-acquired infections and injuries
  • Perform in the top 10 percent nationally in delivery of care

Pillar 4: Growth

  • Continue major service line growth planning
  • Develop the Medical Home Model
  • Develop long-range campus development plans
  • Become the physician partner of choice

Pillar 5: Finance

  • Achieve focused strategic growth through continued revenue enhancement

Pillar 6: Community

  • Support transparency in dissemination of information related to PinnacleHealth
  • Provide leadership in improving health and wellness
  • Create an environment that supports accessibility and consideration of patient/family needs


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