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Physician And Practitioner Services

Physician And Practitioner Services

Physician And Practitioner Services

Our Physician and Practitioner Services department is committed to making PinnacleHealth the health care system of choice for physicians by nurturing collaborative relationships with our medical staff.


Our goal is to ensure that all PinnacleHealth providers are highly qualified and competent to provide the best patient care in Central Pennsylvania. We support the medical staff, medical staff leadership and medical staff committees at PinnacleHealth who are recognized for their clinical and academic achievements. Please see our Physician & Allied Health Staff Applications and Clinical Privileges pages for additional information.

Remember to forward a copy of any renewed or updated licenses, DEA, malpractice face sheet, board certification or other certifications to the Credentialing Office via fax at (717) 231-8588 or email at

Provider Enrollment Packet

Our staff facilitates enrollment for employed physicians and allied health providers with the contracted health plans at PinnacleHealth. We also serve as the contact person(s) with the health plans and handle re-credentialing applications as they are due.

Provider Enrollment Packet

Revised Certificate Of Death

As of January 1, 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Health implemented a revised Certificate of Death, Form H105-143. 
Revised Certificate of Death


Here are a few general reminders to help you submit a complete and accurate death certificate:

  • When photocopying blank forms or utilizing software to print the certificates, please keep in mind that the paper must be legal size.
  • Please refrain from hole-punching the certificate as this hampers the numbering process.
  • Always remember to use BLACK permanent ink. No gel pens or erasable ink.
  • After January 1, 2012, old certificates will not be accepted.

Frequently Used Resources

Medical Staff Governing Documents

Physician and Practitioner Services Administration

Our Physician & Practitioner Services Administration team includes:

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