Employee Services

Employee Services

At PinnacleHealth, our mission is to maintain and improve the health and quality of life for all Central Pennsylvania residents. We help our employees achieve this goal by providing a range of programs and resources.

Employee Services

PinnacleHealth employees can find links to forms, relevant websites and other resources below.

Note: Access to linked systems is for authorized users only. All access is monitored and logged, and any attempt at illegal access will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement entities for prosecution. By using any of the links below, you agree to adhere to PinnacleHealth System policies and certify that you are an authorized user.

New Employment Resource Center


Success Factors


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Net Learning



Employee Forms

Remote Access

To request remote access to PinnacleHealth applications over the internet call the service desk at (717) 231-8870 or click on the link below for the self-service portal.

Wellness Works

Employee Activities Club

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