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Corporate Ambassador Resource and Employer Solutions (CARES)

Corporate Ambassador Resource and Employer Solutions (CARES)

Corporate Ambassador Resource and Employer Solutions (CARES)

PinnacleHealth created CARES – Corporate Ambassador Resource and Employer Solutions – with local employers in mind, offering a wide range of services that engage employees and families in their health. These services aim to help manage the health of employee populations and control the cost of healthcare coverage.

CARES partners with more than 100 Central Pennsylvania employers and approximately 100,000 employees, from small businesses to some of the largest organizations in the state. Our services include:

  • Worksite wellness that strives to engage your employees with their health
  • Network arrangements that improve access, cost and quality  
  • Care management for those who would benefit from behavior change or regular monitoring

In addition, CARES helps PinnacleHealth keep in touch with the business community about its healthcare needs. We conduct one-on-one meetings with executives, annual roundtables with employers, work sessions with local brokers and online surveys on topics such as telehealth. 

A Win-Win for Employer and Employee

At CARES, we provide effective tools to help keep your employees healthy and reduce rising healthcare costs. Healthier employees are not only happier, but also have lower absenteeism and reduced medical costs compared to their less healthy counterparts. By improving the health of your employees, you also help improve your organization’s bottom line.

Top Notch Care Plus Lower Costs

PinnacleHealth offers the region’s best value in healthcare. Combining our expertise, advanced technology and patient-centered care with our efficient cost structure allows us to provide excellent care at a lower cost than any other health system in the Central Pennsylvania market. We pass those lower costs on to you and your employees in the form of lower healthcare premiums and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

Our skilled staff also helps reduce healthcare costs by providing the right treatment—on time, the first time. Our innovative steps in infection prevention, patient education and follow-up care have resulted in PinnacleHealth being among the lowest readmission rates in the region.

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