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Patients & Visitors > Patient Testimonials > Kris's Story - "They have made me a brand new person!"
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Kris's Story - "They have made me a brand new person!"

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"In 2008 Dr. Matthew Davidson performed the Lap band surgery on me. I was 5' 8" and 271 pounds and I was 44 years old. I had type II Diabetes and I was tired and sluggish all the time."

"I did not exercise and certainly did not eat the right foods. When I decided to do this, I knew that it was a big step. I ended up losing 50 pounds, but I wanted more. In 2011 my band slipped and I had it repaired. I continued on my journey, losing a little more here and there, then in 2012 the band slipped again, but this time, they were not able to repair it, so it was removed.

I was extremely upset that my band could not be repaired, but I was not going to let that get me down. I said to myself, 'I will continue this weight loss journey on my own'  I am happy to say that I am currently only 8 pounds away from my goal of 185. That will put me at an 86 pound loss! I continue to see Jess Hoffman at The Weight Loss Clinic and I am soon ready for her to take my before and after picture! I have received nothing but fantastic care from the staff at The Weight Loss clinic! They have made me a brand new person! Thank you!"