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Patients & Visitors > Patient Testimonials > Eric's Story - Excellent Care
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Eric's Story - Excellent Care

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"Much to my regrets, I was admitted to Pinnacle Hospital on Front Street Christmas day for treatment for a dog bite., I ended up on the 7th Floor Ortho Wing, Alex Grass section. This email serves as a testimony to the excellent care I received while hospitalized.

From the time I entered the ED on Christmas day, all my needs were met, both physically and psychologically. The ED docs and nurses were fabulous. The nurses on the 7th flloor Ortho Wing were stellar. They not only provided excellent care, but uplifted my spirits each and every day while I was hospitalized. The PCAs also provided much needed care and good humor

I am very grateful for the excellent care I received while at Pinnacle, in particular, thank you to Taryn, Daryl, Alyssa, and all the other nurses on that wing that provided everything I needed for a successful recovery. Not to mention, putting up with me. Happy new year to you all. Thank you so much and God Bless."