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Patients & Visitors > Patient Testimonials > Brooke's Story - Would Highly Recommend
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Brooke's Story - Would Highly Recommend

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Hello everyone. I am originally from Alabama. However my husband has some work up here and me and my two children decided to travel.with him to have a vacation stay ( kind of).

While in.Harrisburg my tooth.chipped and gave me a infection. Pretty bad one. Pain unbearable. The wait time was amazingly fast... 5 minutes. Wow. They got me back and a nurse practitioner came in with in 10 minutes of me being in my room.

Very friendly staff and courteous to my pain as a lot of people suffer teeth pain. I was expecting to get here and leave with only a list of phone numbers and nothing for pain. However they wrote me antibiotics for the infection and some mild pain medication with phone numbers. They even help set me up with a fast tooth clinic for people with no insurance... to help me get in to see someone as soon as possible.

I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. They treat you the way you should be treated. Thanks again. Wish Alabama had better hospitals like this one. Will be giving more great reviews. Thanks! Yours truly Alabamian lol:-)