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Patient Testimonials

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Read or watch a video from some recent testimonials from our patients to learn why PinnacleHealth is Proven Care from Trusted Providers.

Check back often to read more about the proven care we strive to give each and everyday to our patients. 

“My family and I wanted to show our appreciation for the great care given to my uncle. All of the caregivers provided great quality care. We knew he was in great hands. We were supported by your staff who showed us compassion and helped support us through difficult decision-making. We were well-informed and felt like every resource was being utilized for our and my uncle’s benefit.”

“I had outpatient surgery. Everyone from the check-in lady, the nurses to the lady who wheeled me out were very friendly, kind and helpful. Your employees should be proud for the cheerfulness at what I would expect to be a very stressful job. Everyone was very thorough and knowledgeable at their jobs, which put me at ease. Please give them all a big “Thank you” from me.”

“The care and quality of services I received from Pinnacle Health were excellent! Everyone of the doctors, nurses, aids, PT’s, OT’s, food service, transporters of wheel chairs and home care specialists, were wonderful. They were friendly, helpful, patient and professional. I would highly recommend PinnacleHealth to anyone. I felt as if I was being treated by my family.” 

“The care I received; the positive, patient, knowledgeable and friendly, firm treatment of me by everyone from doctors on down to the person who emptied the trash – and everyone in between – was outstanding, consistent and competent. It had to have had a major effect on my recovery. I have not been in a hospital a lot, thank heaven, but never have I enjoyed such a high quality of care.” 

“It’s not hard to get an appointment with the doctor when we need one. The doctor and nurses are very courteous.” 

“I was an outpatient. I wanted to bring this to someone's attention on how well I was taken care of from pre-surgery to leaving the hospital. I have been a patient in other facilities over the years, but received excellent care in your hospital. Everyone was so attentive and courteous.  I can only remember the names of the head nurses, but the entire staff outdid themselves. Thank You Very Much.” 

“I regret not remembering all the names of the staff members who took care of me while at Harrisburg Hospital. EVERYONE was very nice, professional and treated me very well. 
Sandy and another nurse took care of me during my Pre-op phase. They were friendly, caring and answered questions that I didn’t even know I had. They made me feel very comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” 

Angels work at your hospital and I am sure you are aware of this blessing.Chaplain Donrico Colden and pastoral intervention is an integral part of patient and family care, and allowed my Mother to pass from this world in loving peace.
He came into her room, literally as she was drawing her last breath, and prayed with us all. My mother was touched, by the hand of God, through him, in her dying moment. The experience of my Mother’s death, which might have been miserable for my sister and I, was transformed into miraculous peace and faith by this work.
In these days of dwindling health care dollars please remember pastoral care is doing God’s work and is the highest blessing to patients and their families.” 

“On Sunday April 25, 2010, my Husband had an appointment for an all night sleep study. I want to notify you for the fine service he received.
He was given precise information prior to his appointment from the scheduling secretary that included checking with our insurance company regarding coverage. (This would not have been happy news after the study)
The Technologist that performed his study was excellent. She explained the study and the possibility that the treatment of CPAP might be introduced during the night. His study was positive and CPAP was utilized.
The Department followed up promptly with the study results and he was able to begin treatment within a few days.
We are very happy with the professional services from all the employees of the Sleep Lab and want to recognize them." 

 “I was an outpatient in May. I can’t express enough gratitude for the wonderful treatment I had
As scared and nervous as I was, I was given help to make me relax and keep calm. Everyone, including the gentleman that took me in the wheelchair, was polite and caring.If I ever require a hospital again, I pray this is where they take me. Thank you again, I can’t express enough gratitude for how I was treated.” 

“My brother was a patient in your ICU until his death. He was always treated with dignity and respect by each and everyone who took care of him. 
Family members visited daily and some even stayed overnight or into the early hours of the morning and all of us were shown the same care, concern and respect. Although we wished the outcome had been different, my brother could not have had more compassionate care, anywhere.
The ICU staff is very special and our entire family thanks them for dedicated and caring service during a very difficult time.”