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Outpatient Surgery

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The Day of Surgery

  • You must bring someone with you to drive you home.
  • A staff member will escort you to your room and prepare you for surgery. You will also be interviewed by an anesthesiologist.
  • After you are ready, your family will be able to be with you until the time of surgery.
  • When it is time for your procedure or surgery, you will meet the hospital staff who will take care of you throughout the procedure. They will double check your identity, allergies, procedure and basic health status.
  • Your family may wait for you in the Surgical Services Waiting Room.
  • Your family will receive information to follow your progress on the electronic message board or through a kiosk.
  •  After surgery, you will be taken to the Recovery Room, which is staffed by specially trained nurses.


  • Following a short stay in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, you will go to the outpatient discharge area. Your family will be contacted at this time and will be able to rejoin you.
  • Your vital signs will be taken again at least once.
  • You will be offered something to drink.
  • If extended recovery time or medical care is necessary, you may need to stay overnight.
  • When it is time for you to return home, the nursing staff will give you any instructions you need. A copy of the Discharge Instruction Sheet will be provided for you to refer to at home.
  • Arrange to have a responsible adult stay with you overnight.
  • Do not resume activities such as driving until your judgement and coordination are back to normal. For some people this can take one or two days.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours following anesthesia or sedation.
  • We may make a call the next working day to check on how you are doing.