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Electronic Patient Tracking System - RealView™

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To help update family members throughout the surgery process, PinnacleHealth uses an electronic tracking system to show regular status updates.

Not knowing what your loved one is experiencing is a stressful part of surgery day. Our computer system, called RealView, helps to keep you updated throughout the surgery/procedure process by providing you with messages sent by our staff. Using a unique code, these messages are posted on the electronic message boards in our waiting rooms and can also be accessed with a password from our surgery kiosks in the hospitals as well as from your smart phone or computer.

How it works

When you arrive in the pre-operative area, you will be assigned a badge. This badge is placed on your IV, or your chart if you do not receive an IV, and stays with you throughout your stay in the surgery areas. The tracking system allows our staff to identify your location at any time and provide updates to your friends and family. These updates are posted on the electronic message boards in our surgery waiting rooms, as well as kiosks in our hospital main lobby and cafeterias and on our website via an online tracker and through text messages. Your friends and family simply watch for the number assigned to you and use a password with the kiosks.