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Spiritual Care

PinnacleHealth’s Spiritual Care Services are designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and religious needs of our patients and our community.

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Hospitalization can be a life-changing event that leads  patients and their families to seek spiritual support.  
Our spiritual care team is a group of caring and compassionate individuals who help patients and their families draw upon the strength and wisdom of their faiths to help understand and cope with illness, cope with grief or loss, make ethical and moral considerations, and make end of life decisions.
This team includes:
  • A reverend.
  • A Catholic priest.
  • On-call ministers.
  • Volunteer chaplain assistants.
  • The clerical staff of Volunteer and Social Work Services.
Clergy make regular visits to patients when requested at all four PinnacleHealth hospitals. A member of the team is on-call 24 hours a day to respond to patient needs. Patient confidentiality and cultural needs are respected at all times.
Staff Support
The Spiritual Care Team also provides spiritual and emotional support to staff and can act as a liaison between clinical staff, patients, families and friends. Educational in-service programs regarding the link between spirituality and healing are also available.
Chaplain Program
The chaplain is on-call 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling (717) 782-5450. After 5 p.m. and on weekends, please call the hospital operator at (717) 782-3131. To contact the Catholic priest, please call (717) 782-5999, ext. 8010.
The Chaplain will be contacted when:
  • A request is made by a patient or family member
  • A request is made by the clergy
  • The patient is experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, loneliness or personal issues
  • There are ethical or moral dilemmas
  • There are crisis situations
Our spiritual care coordinator has offices at the Harrisburg Campus (Hospital – Main 1), Polyclinic Campus (Hospital – 1 Memorial) and the Community Campus. He can be reached by calling (717) 782-5450 or by email:
Chapel Information
Patients and families are welcome to use our chapels and meditation room at any time, day or night. Chapels are available at Harrisburg and Polyclinic Campuses. A small meditation room is available at the Community Campus.
Ethics Committee 
When a healthcare choice involves an ethical concern—such as a family member’s wish to refuse life sustaining treatment, or a disagreement between family members or other caregivers concerning advance directives— decision-making can become overwhelming.
Our Bioethics Committee is available to hear such concerns. Requests for a consultation may be made by the patient, a family member, the physician, nurse, or other staff member. Patients and families can call the Pastoral Care Office directly or ask any staff person for assistance in directing a concern to the Ethics Committee.
To schedule a consultation with the Ethics Committee, please call (717) 782–5220.
Community Support
If the patient desires, the Spiritual Care Team will notify their community clergy and identify the hospital at which the patient can be found. The team works with other PinnacleHealth departments to provide education and wellness programs to congregations, collaborating with community parish health nurse programs.