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Patient Safety & Security

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The PinnacleHealth Board of Directors has adopted patient safety as a core value of the System. A Patient Safety Committee has been established to ensure the investigation of all serious events and incidents, take appropriate action to ensure patient safety as a result of the investigation and to regularly report the status of patient safety efforts to the Board. The vice president of organizational quality is the designated patient safety officer for the organization.

PinnacleHealth’s Patient Safety Plan is designed to improve the health and safety of our patients. It is part of the Patient Safety Program, which includes processes and systems designed to reduce and eliminate medical errors through the identification of problems and/or areas of concern, analysis of contributing factors, and implementation and monitoring of actions that promote patient safety.
If you have any questions or concerns about patient safety, please contact the PinnacleHealth Patient Safety Officer at (717) 782-5166.


PinnacleHealth Hospitals are smoke free. Smoking by patients and visitors is strictly prohibited. A bedside smoking cessation program is available through The Learning Institute at (717)  221-6262. For other smoking safety questions, please call (717) 782-3652

Fire Alarms

As part of our ongoing fire safety program, fire drills are held regularly in various parts of our hospital campuses. During a drill, just follow the directions given by our staff. At Harrisburg Hospital, you will hear the fire alarms ringing at 11:30 a.m. daily throughout the Hospital. This is simply a test of the alarms, and there is nothing that you need to do. In case of fire, please follow the directions given by our staff. 

Other Safety Issues

You may use electric razors and hair dryers in your room, as long as they have been approved for safety by our staff. No other electrical appliances are permitted in the hospital. The nursing staff will have your appliances checked for you. 

Your Belongings and Valuables

PinnacleHealth is not responsible for personal items brought into the Hospitals.  A safe is available for valuables such as cash, important documents, credit cards and jewelry that cannot be sent home, or were with you as a result of an emergency admission.  You or a family member may ask your nurse to have them secured in our safe. 
All personal items retained at the bedside are the sole responsibility of the patient.  We recommend that you bring the protective containers or cases for your important personal items such as dentures, contact lenses, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc., and if possible, label them with your name.  However, the nurse can provide containers for certain items, if yours aren't available.
A lost and found service is maintained by our Security Services, which keeps a record of all found items in the Hospitals.  Please report any lost item to your nurse. 


PinnacleHealth System strictly prohibits any patients or visitors from possessing weapons (i.e. guns, knives, etc.) while on hospital or System premises.