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Your Room

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Personal Care Products

As you settle into your room, your nurse will bring you a kit of personal care products, a basin and a water pitcher. There is a charge for these items. These articles will appear on your hospital bill, and they are yours to take home.

In-room Storage

Feel free to use the closet and drawers in your room, designated door or window, according to where your bed is located.

Requesting Assistance

If you need anything during your stay, press the call button attached to your bed to signal the nurses’ station. You can speak to the nurse in a normal tone of voice through the intercom in your room. If you are in the bathroom and need assistance, press the call button on the bathroom wall, and a nurse will promptly come to your aid.

Your Bed

Designed for your comfort, your bed can be raised or lowered electronically to the position which is most comfortable for you. For your safety, do not get in and out of bed without help when the bed is in a “high” position, or when you are weak and the side rails are up. Use the call button to summon help from our nursing staff. 

Changing Rooms

During your stay, we may need to transfer you to different rooms in the hospital, depending on the level of care you need. The nursing staff, transporters or volunteers will assist you in changing rooms. For an additional charge, you may choose a private room if one is available. Ask your nurse for more information.

Telephone & Television

Patients have their own telephone and cable television service 24 hours/day. As a courtesy to your roommate, we would appreciate it if your television was turned off at 11:00 p.m. Your friends and family may call you directly at the phone in your room between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. You may make calls from your room at anytime. To call hospital extensions from your room, just dial the last four digits. A quick reference of often-dialed hospital extensions at each of our hospitals can be found at the back of this book. To make local calls from your room phone, dial “9” and the seven digit number.

Telephone Instructions

Local Calls – Dial 9 + Number
Internal Calls – Dial last 4 digits of  number
1-800 Calls – Dial 9 + 1 + Toll Free Number
Long Distance Phone Calls – Dial 650 + 1 + Area Code + Number. The area code must be used for all long distance calls, including those in area code 717.
Public Pay Phones – located throughout the hospital; are not connected to the hospital’s telephone system. Please inquire at nurses’ station or information desk for the nearest pay phone.
TTY/TDD Phones – portable bedside TTY/TDD phones and amplified telephones to assist the hearing and sight impaired are available. For more information, please ask your nurse or call the hospital operator by dialing “0”.
711 Relay Service – Dial 9+711. Local calls through the Relay Center are free. Payment options for long distance calls include credit card, collect, and 3rd party (verified by Relay Center). If you need to contact the hospital’s operator center’s TTY/TDD service, please call 782-5858.
Telephone Repairs – please ask your nurse or call the hospital operator by dialing “0”.
Telephone/Television Billing – To recover expenses associated with providing telephone and television services, there is a minimal daily charge. This program is administered by HT&T, a non-hospital affiliated company. The charge is billed electronically and will appear on your home telephone, billed by ESBI; the detail page will list the charge as HOSP-TEL. If your phone company does not accept electronic billing, you will be billed directly by HT&T. Long-term patients will be charged a maximum of $40/month. Please direct any questions or billing disputes regarding your bill to HT&T by calling toll free - 1-800-481-3622.
Telephone/Television Billing does not apply to the following units: Critical Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Cardio-Thoracic Unit, Medical Observation Unit, Nursery, and Polyclinic Campus and the Psychiatric Hospital.


Your mail will be delivered to your room daily, Monday through Friday. If you have outgoing mail, leave it at the nurses’ station on your floor. It will be picked up when mail is delivered. Mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address.