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Patient Meals

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Personal Dining Service

The personalized touch that gives your patients an entirely different level of service.
What sets this dining program apart from others is that Expressly For You – Personal Service Dining provides each of your patients with their very own host/hostess who personally describes their menu choices and then takes their orders. This same host/hostess then delivers their meals right to their bedside. This totally different one-on-one approach enhances the patients’ dining experience for all of their daily meals!

Direct contact up to nine times throughout the patients’ day.

Every host/hostess has direct and personal contact with each patient six to nine times a day. Plus, because the dining order is taken close to the time of meal service, there is a much higher level of patient satisfaction with significantly lower food waste.

A dining service that supports your patients’ healing process.

With as many as nine interactions a day, a rapport is established with their patients. They become friendly and supportive dining ambassadors that patients look forward to seeing. In addition, a host/hostess provides a healing environment by:
  • Ensuring all meals are in compliance with the diet order, as prescribed by the physician.
  • Assembling and delivering patient meals.
  • Providing between-meal nourishments.
  • Maintaining par levels of food supplies for the unit pantry.
  • Taking a patient’s order bedside by a knowledgeable host/hostess.
  • Working with nursing and other unit staff to provide a consistent and supportive environment that meets patient and family needs.

With Expressly For You Personal Service Dining, your patients are made to feel special – throughout their day, throughout their stay.