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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions about volunteering at PinnacleHealth, rest assured you’re not alone.

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions, along with the answers:

Q: How old do you have to be to volunteer?

A: You must be at least 15 years old. 

Q: Do we accept court-ordered community service volunteer work?

A: No, PinnacleHealth does not accept court-ordered community service volunteers. We recommend local libraries, food banks, The United Way or area churches for community service volunteer work. 

Q: Is there a minimum number of hours required for a volunteer?

A:  Yes, we ask that new adult volunteers commit to at least 50 hours over a period of one year. Student volunteers are required to commit to 30 hours during the program period (June-August).

Q: How many hours do volunteers typically work?

A: Most volunteers work 3-4 hour shifts, 1-3 times per week.

Q: Is there a dress code for volunteers?

A: Yes, it is important that volunteers be easy to identify and exemplify professional attire. Therefore, we ask that volunteers wear a PinnacleHealth-provided volunteer shirt or smock and their identification badge at all times. Volunteers may wear any color pants – khaki, black or white – but no blue jeans. Comfortable, closed-toe and closed-back shoes are required. Visible tattoos or piercings (other than the ears) are not allowed and must be covered or removed while volunteering.

Q: Where can I volunteer for PinnacleHealth?

A: PinnacleHealth has more than 700 volunteers spread out across Harrisburg Hospital, Community General Hospital, West Shore Hospital,  Polyclinic Hospital, Fredricksen Outpatient Center, outpatient clinics, and physician offices throughout the community.

Q: Do you have a summer volunteer program and when should I apply?

A: We have a very robust summer program for teenagers and young adults. The program is extremely popular and fills up quickly so we highly recommend submitting an application early to ensure your inclusion. We begin accepting applications February 1, 2013 for summer 2013.

Q: Do you accept volunteers for senior projects?

A: We do not accept volunteers for senior projects if the student is looking for a short-term volunteer opportunity in the community during their senior year (e.g. 10 – 30 volunteer hours). The student can apply and interview for PinnacleHealth’s summer student volunteer program at the end of their junior year. Students will be required to volunteer 30 hours at a minimum regardless of the hour requirement instituted by the school.

Q: Do you have a co-op volunteer program with area high schools?

A: PinnacleHealth runs a co-op volunteer program with several area high schools. Applications are accepted in the spring of a student’s junior year for participation during their senior year. Accepted students complete orientation during the summer and the program begins in the fall. If you are interested in participating in the co-op volunteer program with PinnacleHealth during your senior year, please have your high school co-op coordinator (or school-to-work coordinator) contact Andrea Flowers, 657-739, or Vonnie Kain, 782-3353.

Q: Do you offer short-term, "shadow" experiences through the volunteer department?

A: No, we do not offer short-term shadow experiences for high school students through the Volunteer Department. PinnacleHealth does offer limited shadow experiences (eight hours maximum) through its Learning Institute for college students. Please contact Dona Brown at 221-6250.

Contact us for more information about becoming a PinnacleHealth volunteer.