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Become a Pastoral Care Volunteer

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Spiritual Care Services are designed to meet the spiritual, emotional and religious needs of all patients seeking our healthcare services.  We strive to provide a holistic view in the care and treatment of our patients and our community.

Volunteer Chaplains provide basic spiritual support, for example, praying with patient, reading scripture and providing spiritual resources, such as rosaries, crosses and religious books.

If you would like to join our volunteer team, you must do the following:

  • Complete a volunteer application - Applying is easy. Simply click here and complete the form. When your form has been processed, staff members will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Participate in an interview with Pastoral Care staff, where we will discuss volunteer opportunities that may interest you
  • Commit to at least 50 hours of your time each year
  • Contact Volunteer Services following the Pastoral Care interview to arrange a second interview to discuss requirements and paperwork.
  • Criminal background checks - requirements discussed at time of interview
  • Health assessment - requirements discussed at time of interview
  • Two written references
  • Attend an orientation session
Prefer to use paper and pen? Use the links below to access the application, print it and fax the completed form to the PinnacleHealth Volunteer office.

Pastoral Care Application -  Download and fax to (717) 782-5850 (Adults age 18 and older)