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Become a Co-op Volunteer

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Co-p takes place during the school year. Participants apply during their junior year and participate during their senior year.

PinnacleHealth is proud to partner with reputable schools in our area to offer a student co-op program. The program is designed for students in their senior year to explore various areas of healthcare for their future career path.

The co-op candidates should apply during their junior year through their school’s co-op coordinator. The co-op coordinator selects the co-op candidates to be interviewed by Volunteer Services. Only two students are accepted at any one time from each school.

An interview is arranged for the student, their parent/guardian, and the co-op coordinator to meet with a Coordinator of Volunteer Services to discuss requirements, expectations and interests. Attendance on both days of the student orientation in June (between the student's junior and senior year) is MANDATORY.

The program lasts throughout the school year. Students volunteer for a minimum of 2-3 hours during their regular class times every day during the week. Schedules may vary based on student/school requirements and PinnacleHealth Volunteer openings.

If you would like to join our volunteer team, you must do the following:

  • Speak with your school’s Guidance Counselor or Co-op Coordinator. Your coordinator will select and inform Volunteer Services of the co-op students/applicants
  • Complete a co-op volunteer application - Applying is easy. Simply click on link below and complete the form.
  • Obtain parental consent (for those under age 18)
  • Participate in an interview, where we will discuss volunteer opportunities that may interest you. A parent/guardian must be present for students under age 18.
  • Co-op Agreement Forms
  • Commit to at least 50 hours and a 3 month duration
  • Criminal background checks - requirements discussed at time of interview
  • Health assessment - requirements discussed at time of interview
  • Two written references
  • Attend an orientation session (one full day or two half days in mid-June, dates change annually)
  • Successful completion of the summer student program between the student's junior and senior years is a prerequisite to participate in the program.
Prefer to use paper and pen? Use the links below to access the application, print it and fax the completed form to the PinnacleHealth volunteer office.

Co-op Volunteer Application - Download and fax to (717) 782-3220.