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Quality Improvement Council

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The Quality Council coordinates and monitors the appropriateness and effectiveness of the care provided by nurses and patient care staff. The Quality Council assesses and assures compliance with the established standard of care and practice while monitoring expected patient outcomes. 


  • Develop and distribute the annual Nursing Quality Improvement Plan, congruent with the system's goals to include priorities such as patient safety.
  • Initiate multidisciplinary collaboration to integrate nursing quality improvement with the hospital plan to detect trends across departments.
  • Identify aspects of patient care that are not congruent with expected patient outcomes.
  • Evaluate outcomes of patient care and work redesign initiatives.
  • Maintain involvement with unit based PI to assure consistency and appropriateness to the PI process.
  • Identify and initiate improvements to patient care as indicated by results of PI activities.
  • Maintain effective communication of Nursing PI activities and information to staff.
  • Promote interdepartmental communication to address unit and system issues impacted by nursing.