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Acute Care Nursing Units

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Main 5–Harrisburg Campus
This 46-bed unit utilizes a holistic approach to provide care to the acutely ill, stable, adult patient with a medical diagnosis. A multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, physicians, case managers, therapists and dietitians collaborate to offer comprehensive care to the complex patient with multiple comorbidities. A 12-bed Neurology Unit is located within Main 5 and features telemetry capabilities. Patients with a variety of neurological diagnoses including stroke, TIA, seizures, brain injury, and neuromuscular diseases are cared for by this multidisciplinary team.

Required Experience: Graduate or Registered Nurse with a BSN

Post Surgical Care

Main 6–Harrisburg Campus
This 43-bed unit provides care for all general surgery patients. A nurse working on this unit would gain experience in preoperative and postoperative care and in caring for the renal transplant population. In addition, these nurses also care for the surgical patient who requires cardiac monitoring, but who is hemodynamically
stable. Within this unit, there is a three-bed surgical step-down unit, where nurses provide specialized care for surgical patients requiring more frequent assessments and monitoring including CVP and arterial line readings.
Required Experience: Graduate or Registered Nurse with a BSN

IV Therapy

The IV Therapy department serves as a support service for system-wide intravenous patient needs. The use of the Site-Rite and Sherlock System is the most innovative equipment available for bedside placement of catheters. This service is provided 24/7 for both inpatients and outpatients at Harrisburg, Community and Polyclinic Campuses.
Required Experience:
Registered Nurse (BSN) with at least two years of medical/ surgical experience; PICC and IV experience preferred

Dialysis Services

Community and Harrisburg Campuses
The Dialysis department provides 24-hour emergent and non-emergent services for hemo and peritoneal dialysis needs and plasma pheresis. The department provides care for patients with acute or chronic kidney failure and overdoses and poisonings.
Required Experience: One year of hemodialysis is preferred