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Celebrating 125 Years of Service!

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From its small beginnings in 1888, this volunteer organization has grown into the PinnacleHealth Auxiliary and today serves all PinnacleHealth Hospital campuses. You can feel especially good about the gift you make to the Auxiliary because 97 cents of every dollar goes to PinnacleHealth in support of patient care services.


1888 - A meeting of 47 women organized to “render such aid and service as may promote the usefulness and efficiency of the hospital” marked the beginning of the Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital.  This group of dedicated women was called the Women’s Aid Society to the City Hospital.

1889 - First fundraiser held – a Christmas Bazaar by the Women’s Aid Society.


1905 - Aid Society organized the Training School for Nurses

1912 - Sunshine Guild (ladies auxiliary) was organized at the Harrisburg Polyclinic Hospital, to raise money and volunteer in the hospital.
1933 - The Sunshine Guild became known as the Polyclinic Medical Center Auxiliary.
1935 - First Community Fair and Hospital Family dinner fundraiser held by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Polyclinic Medical Center.
1937 - Seidle Memorial Hospital Auxiliary organized.
1941 - Seidle Hospital Auxiliary volunteers raised money for patient care services.  All members of the auxiliary were required to donate at least 1-jar of jelly to the hospital when becoming a member.
1951 - Community General Osteopathic Hospital opened.
1951 - Snack bar and gift shop were opened at Harrisburg Hospital under the sponsorship of the Aid Society.
1954 - Baby photo service began at Harrisburg Hospital, and was staffed by members of the Junior League.
1955 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital discontinued the use of “Women’s” in its name so that men might be included as full members.
1960 - Seidle Auxiliary holds first Annual Strawberry Festival in Mechanicsburg.
1960 - Suburban Guild to the Community General Osteopathic Hospital organized to raise money for hospital projects.
1964 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital first sponsored the Harrisburg Horse Show.
1969 - Polyclinic Medical Center Auxiliary sponsored the first International Bazaar which included auction items from twenty foreign embassies.
1970 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital began an association with John Wanamaker – Hospital Day.
1972 - Polyclinic Medical Center Auxiliary introduced its first cookbook, which included recipes from the families of Governor Milton Shapp and Lieutenant – Governor Ernie Kline.
1975 - First annual Lady Keystone Open held with support from all hospital auxiliary volunteers.
1976 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital presented the Healthy Woman seminar which was open to members of the community.
1976 - Polyclinic Medical Center auxiliary celebrated the U.S. bicentennial and the hospital’s 67 years of dedication and service.
1979 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital sponsored the first Children’s Health Fair for third graders which became a model for auxiliaries throughout the US.
1982 - Polyclinic Medical Center Gift Shop opened.
1984 - Polyclinic Medical Center Auxiliary implemented the Infant Car Seat loan program.
1987 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital opened the first “Bailey House” (home-away-from-home) for patients’ family members.  Named for Mrs. Charles L. Bailey who served as the first president of the Auxiliary.
1987 -Seidle Memorial Hospital became a part of the hospital. (Capital Health System)
1988 -Seidle Auxiliary supports 1st Strawberry 5K Road Race and Fun Run.

1988 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital published 100th Anniversary Cookbook.

1988 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital began awarding scholarships to students pursuing a career in a health related field.

1990 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital presented "Holiday Entertaining" by Julee Rosso

1990 - Scholarship was renamed "The Ernest R. McDowell Health Career Scholarship"
1992 - The Auxiliary began a program so all newborns would go home in a special handmade holiday stocking.

1994 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital hosts a Culinary Day and Kitchen Tour.
1997 - Community General Osteopathic Hospital joined Pinnacle Health System.
1997 - Auxiliary of Harrisburg Hospital and Auxiliary of Polyclinic Medical Center with members from Community General Osteopathic Hospital and Seidle Memorial Hospital came together as the PinnacleHealth Auxiliary.
Stopped the Infant Car Seat Program due to regulatory changes.
1998 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary sponsored Pinnacle Health System mascot Pinney the Panda.
1999 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary assumed the management of the gift shop at Community General Osteopathic Hospital.
2001 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary opened the Kaleidoscope Kafé at Fredricksen Outpatient Center.
2001 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary opened a Gift Shop at Fredricksen Outpatient Center.
2004 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary welcomed the 5,000th guest at Bailey House.
2005 - Opened 2nd Bailey House Annex
2007 - PinnacleHealth Auxiliary 10th Year Anniversary
Pledged 1.5 million to the Strengthening the Lifeline campaign
Outsourced the baby photographer program to Our365
2008 - Closed the Polyclinic Gift Shop
Changed the name of the Coffee Shop to Hidden Door Café
2008 - Announced in May a pledge of $1.5 million in support of the Strengthening the Lifeline campaign for the new Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Emergency Department of the PinnacleHealth Harrisburg campus.
2009 - Allocated $10,000 to the Nurses’ Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.
2009 - Paid off the $300,000 pledge to the Helen M. Simpson Rehabilitation Hospital.
2010 - Partnered with Dauphin County Technical School for Bailey House Beautification Project.
2011 - Donated $150,000 during the Club PHantastic Presents a Night at the Museum towards the Strengthening the Lifeline campaign bringing the to date amount raised to $750,000.
2012 - Donated $150,000 from the sold out event Club PHantastic Presents Star Light, Star Bright, Shine for a Child Tonight to benefit PinnacleHealth’s Children’s Fund.
2012 - PinnacleHealth Tech Services finished the Bailey House Beautification Project in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our home away from home for patient’s families.

2013 - Celebrating 125 Years of Service: 1888 – 2013.
2013 - Donated $25,000, proceeds from 2012 Chic PHantastic Fall Fashion Show and Luncheon, to the WomanCare Mammogram Voucher Program. During the event, Michael Young, CEO, announced that PinnacleHealth would match our donation, bringing the total contribution to $50,000 in support of uninsured or underinsured women. 
2013 - Partnered with Capital Blue Cross to underwrite full-color children’s picture book entitled Healthy Habits with or without Diabetes. The book gives children tips on how to make better decisions about eating and physical fitness.
2013 - Received a $10,000 check from The Hershey Company to benefit Bailey House.  This was possible due to a Hershey employee volunteering at Bailey House.

2014 - Pinney's Readers program initiated with the mission of providing medical staff new and gently used books to be given to children at well-child appointments to advise parents about the value of reading aloud to children.