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Bailey House Thank You!

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“When my sister and I drove four and a half hours from our West Virginia home to see her cardiologist on January 27, 2010, we knew that we might have to remain in the Harrisburg area for a night, as she was being treated for congestive heart failure. To our surprise and consternation, our stay was extended to more than a week, in which she was admitted to PinnacleHealth’s Harrisburg Hospital for treatment, tests, a surgical procedure, and more tests and treatment.

Hearing my concerns over lodging and commuting, a nurse on the telementry floor referred me to The Bailey House, where Beverly Bosak gathered me in as though I were part of her family. She offered comfortable quarters and the comfort of a compassionate and thoughtful hostess. For six nights and days, from January 28 to February 3, Beverly and The Bailey House were my shelter.
I am grateful to the Auxiliary and the governing body who provided this refuge for weary and concerned families. I am grateful to Beverly for her kindness and her faithfulness to all who enter her doors. I am grateful to PinnacleHealth and Associated Cardiologists for their labors on behalf of those seeking continuing health. I am grateful that I will not have to worry, should future periods of hospitalization be needed for Abby. I have found a resting place. I thank all of you for it.”
- Carol Crawford Rowe, R.N., M. Div.