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Bailey House Benefit

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"When I first heard of Bailey House, I immediately thought, “great, a place I can donate all of my kids gently used toys!” How wrong I was when I found out that it was an establishment for adult family members of patients at PinnacleHealth.

Still, I had all of these toys that were taking over my home that I needed to do something with. Then earlier this year, I went on a tour of Bailey House and got a better idea of what the function of the house was all about. It gave me an idea!

With the toys still taking over my basement and closets, I had the task of telling my kids that we were going to have to get rid of some of them. Needless to say, they were not happy. In the past, we have bagged up their stuff and dropped them at Goodwill, which is fine, but they just think other kids come and take their stuff. I wanted to have them get rid of their toys and feel good about it; so we decided to have a garage sale and donate all the sales to the Bailey House. It was a great learning experience from start to finish.
Everyone had a job in this charitable donation. My daughter, Taylor, decorated a duplicate model of the Bailey House for people to put money in when they bought something. My son, Teagan, and two of Letitia Gensbigler’s boys, Luke and Christian, were terrific salesmen at the sale! We sold a whopping $500.00 and they were happy to see their stuff go to other kids to play with. They realized the money would be used for people to stay at the Bailey House with sick relatives at the hospital. I really think they 'got it' and felt good about all of the work they put into the sale. We all gained from this. My kids had a great hands-on experience taking part in the entire process and my husband and I were able to reclaim garage and basement space. Thanks for the opportunity to give."
- Kim, Steve, Taylor & Tegan Jede