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Welcoming to Patients and their Families

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As we seek to bring cancer care closer to patients, our hope is that families and caregivers will also find solace and support in this new facility.

Like its counterpart on the East Shore, the Ortenzio Cancer Center will be more than a treatment facility.

It is designed with input from former cancer patients as a welcoming, calm environment appealing to the senses in every aspect of décor, building design and lighting. Additionally, family members should feel welcome and feel a part of their loved one’s healing process. During chemotherapy and hematology infusion treatments, family and friends can remain close by to check in with loved ones during their session.

The new facility will be aesthetically pleasing and include efficiently designed infusion areas to provide maximum comfort for our patients.

Tranquility Garden Rendering
West Shore Cancer Center Waiting Room Rendering
Infusion Rendering West Shore Cancer Center