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Message from Rocco A. Ortenzio

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When PinnacleHealth’s Mike Young and Phil Guarneschelli first approached our family foundation about supporting a dedicated Cancer Center on the West Shore, they immediately piqued our

Having spent all of my adult life in health care, I know first-hand how important it is to have advanced care close to home. Our lives are busy enough and when illness strikes, it can turn family members’ lives upside down. Having care that is both top-notch and conveniently located can be a tremendous comfort during such an emotionally painful time. Mike and Phil’s shared commitment to the future of our community also impressed me. The Ortenzio Foundation believes that healthcare and education are two pillars that create strong and vibrant communities, which in turn improves quality of life for everyone. Thus, it didn’t take long for our foundation to embrace this project, as we have in the past with the area’s other leading education and health care institutions.

Within this booklet, you’ll read different statistics that underscore why state-of-the-art cancer care needs a permanent home on the West Shore. As we know, statistics are numbers, which in this case, represent lives. Lives that belong to vibrant people with much to offer − those we love and cherish and those we rally around in their battle against cancer. Cancer no longer carries the extremely grim prognosis it did a couple of decades ago. Advances in treatment coupled with holistic patient-centered care have helped many to win the battle. Together, we can continue leading the fight, closer to home and help even more cancer patients become cancer survivors. The Ortenzio Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to help the patients that this new cancer center will serve.

Thank you and God Bless,
Rocco A. Ortenzio