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Innovative Care to Treat the Whole Person

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“The technology at PinnacleHealth is very important. Early in my follow up care, the radiologist mentioned tomosynthesis, but they said unfortunately it’s not available yet. After I went to Dr. Torp’s office, I was thrilled to learn that it was available, and they had been doing it for a couple months at PinnacleHealth.”

Kelly Fischer, Lebanon, PA
Significant family history of breast cancer


The new Cancer Center will provide advanced technology for rapid diagnosis and treatment of cancer along with the dedicated support that cancer center patients and their loved ones need. 

State-of-the-art Technology

We are committed to staying on the technological forefront and will continue to expand the use of:

Convenient Access to Clinical Trials

Less than 5% of patients in the U.S. participate in clinical trials, yet sometimes these trials can offer a new treatment and new hope. Our program works to bring important clinical trials into Central Pennsylvania, making participation easier for patients and, in turn, working to provide more research for better treatment options in the future.

As our team and service locations grow, we can provide an even greater ease of access and support services for those patients who choose clinical trials that create a positive experience for others.

Specialized Services for Survivors

As the population of cancer survivors continues to grow, the need for specialized services is more important than ever. According to the CDC, there are almost 608,000 cancer survivors in Pennsylvania. These individuals and their families need ongoing support from occupational therapy and nutritional therapy to support groups for patients and caregivers. These services are critical for the well being of our patients

Nurse Navigation – Partners On The Path To HealingNurse Navigators at PinnacleHealth

PinnacleHealth is on the leading edge in nurse navigation. Deb Witwer and Cecily Lamb are experienced nurses with decades of combined experience. In their roles as nurse navigators,these women share the burden of worry and anxiety with their patients – serving as advocates to connect the patients with resources, troubleshoot barriers or navigate through an excess of information to get to reliable, practical answers. Whether financial, insurance-related, social, emotional or other, Deb and Cecily offer a safe place for patients and their families to address their questions or concerns. “I look at nurse navigation as a way of smoothing out the speed bumps in the road of cancer treatments,” says Deb